Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is designed to give you to taste and experience of Tantra without performing a full tantric massage.

Sensual massage is more like a form of intimacy body worship, using relaxed breathing techniques. Slow and gentle strokes that caress your whole body, with skilled and almost magical hands. Your male body will feel energy and excitement as you relax into the pleasure of being excited.

By stimulating all the senses in your body to create sensual and sexual arousal. This involves caressing your body from back to front in a slow and meandering way to gently relax your body and encourage your sexual energy to begin flowing. This massage is aimed towards those who wish to explore alternative forms of massage.

By slowly building your body to the heightened sexual stimulated state it will allow touches and strokes to feel ten times as powerful allowing for a release which deeply relaxes the mind and body.

The sensual massage itself end very neatly with genital stimulation, however does not involve the healing and spiritual techniques that one would experience during tantric massage.

Based in Aldgate, London I am in a professional and discreet location. This allows me to book in sensual massage appointments with clients. Book your sensual massage now by calling me or leaving a message on my website.

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