Tantric Massage

My tantric pampering ritual starts by setting the appropriate atmosphere. Tantric massage could be seen as an ancient aromatherapy and massage session, where scented oils, rose petals, breathing and massage combine into one to deliver the ultimate massage experience.

Typically I would help you to undress and prepare for the massage. I could start the session with a few breathing exercises which help you relax, particularly if you come in stressed or nervous.

Varous cleansing rituals and mediation are also involved. I would massage your neck, shoulders and temples while the Shiva is enjoying the warm water, aromatic scents and soft music.

The tantric massage pampering ritual also often precedes the full body sensual tantric massage and is used as an interlude.

The true art of tantric massage cannot simply just be explained on a website. It has taken me literally years to learn, practise and adapt my methods. I am extremely passionate about tantric massage and aim to take your body and mind to a place of deep relaxation, sensual stimulation and sexual pleasure.

Based in Aldgate, London I am suitably placed in professional accommodation. My place is discreet and I will make you feel at home. Call me now or leave me a message through this website to book in your tantric massage in London now.

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